We represent our clients’ interests in litigation matters in a variety of contexts, with a high specialization in financial, constitutional, government enforcement and compliance actions in diverse areas, such as banking, telecom, aviation, consumer protection, immigration, data privacy, antitrust, environmental and tax, among others.

We combine a high level of technical knowledge with many years of experience in substantive and procedural law, with special emphasis on proceedings arising from arbitrary acts by government authorities against our clients.

With our combined experience of more than twenty years, we are well-positioned to handle sophisticated matters, a capability that is not easily found amongst our competitors.

Legal Consultancy

DE SALVIDEA Y GONZÁLEZ ALCÁNTARA renders legal consultancy services with the most in-depth analysis of the facts, rules, case law and applicable legal authorities in order to provide our clients with an objective assessment of the issues involved, the strength or weakness of our clients’ legal position, and the possible alternatives for a comprehensive solution within the areas of our expertise.

DE SALVIDEA Y GONZÁLEZ ALCÁNTARA offers legal opinions with the goal of defending them to the utmost extent before both administrative and judicial courts for the benefit of our clients.

Arbitration and Meditation

DE SALVIDEA Y GONZÁLEZ ALCÁNTARA offers excellent professional services in the field of alternative dispute resolution, which is especially useful for resolving disputes involving sophisticated commercial and financial transactions that require a high level of technical knowledge and specialization, a capability that is not always available in the courts.

By representing clients who have agreed to submit their differences to commercial arbitration proceedings, we give full preference to this means of conflict resolution.

In addition to commercial arbitration proceedings, we represent clients in investment arbitration proceedings arising under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other international investment agreements and treaties to which Mexico is a party.

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